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January 07 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

My personal portfolio

Trailing stop triggered.  


David Fuller's view

Trailing stop triggered in Nasdaq 100 hedge short – I mentioned in Monday’s Audio that I had placed a breakeven stop to protect my Nasdaq 100 short because it had fallen back to the first area of potential support from the upper side of the previous trading range.  I was hoping that an overstretched market subject to some New Year profit taking might weaken further.  Instead, Nasdaq 100 (weekly & daily) (today’s close at 3557 not shown) rallied sharply today, repeating the uptrend consistency shown in 4Q 2013, reaffirming for at least the short term that accommodative monetary policy and trend momentum are still supporting this generously valued market.  My short in the Nasdaq 100 March contract was stopped out at 3550 today, against my short sale at 3554.8 on 2nd January.  These prices include all spread-bet dealing costs.

 I may introduce further hedge short positions in Wall Street futures. This is partly because I have not reduced my personal long-term equity portfolio during the bull market to date, and I have periodically reinvested dividends received.  Inevitably, the small hedging strategy looks entirely unnecessary and somewhat risky until a stock market correction occurs.  I definitely expect a correction on Wall Street this year.     

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