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January 03 2014

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day 1

On the website development.

“Something was wrong with the audio today. There is a file but it can't be played.”

“Incidentally the thing I am REALLY waiting for is an easy way to access the audio via mobile. It can be done at the moment, but is very clumsy. This seems to be because one cannot activate the links until the entire page, including apparently everything that is not shown, has been downloaded, and this takes many minutes on a mobile, during which time it looks as is the device has stopped working. Patience is rewarded in most cases, but not today.

“I haven't started using the charts yet, preferring to wait until the system is more stable, but I will give you some feedback when I do. By the way, is there a way to copy an entry in the Favourites lists to another section? This was done in the old system by holding the shift key down while one dragged, but that seems not to work in the new system.”

David Fuller's view

The Audio problem for 2nd Jan which temporarily affected MP3 access was my fault when posting and has now been corrected.  Re your other queries, programmers working on the Site and Chart Library have nearly resolved the unhelpful transfer of Favourites problems and hope to complete it before moving on to iPad and mobile optimisation next week, according to Eoin who is our contact point for these developments.  That should resolve more of the issues which you mentioned.

The Library is now quite effective and already better in some respects.  For instance, the chart download link in the middle of the tool bar is very useful for posting charts.  Obviously there is more to do as we have ambitious plans for the Chart Library and these include subscriber’s preferences and requests. 

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