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December 12 2013

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Chart Library News

Eoin Treacy's view

The issue with the compression of price data as it appeared on the charts has now been resolved. We are now moving on to changing the layout of the main Chart Library page and will be removing some of the banners and making others smaller in order to increase the space available for charts. 

The Next and Previous button functionality in the Chart Library has been improved and now works similarly to how it worked in the other Chart Library. There is still an issue, that also existed in the old library for instruments in two lists but this is being resolved as we speak.

The consistency of chart settings has been greatly improved so that settings will be remembered as you move from one instrument to the next. The Chart Library defaults are now the same as the old library so that when you click on the weekly chart you get a 5-year weekly candle. When you choose one of your Presets they will behave as expected.  

We also received a fresh batch feed from our previous hosts today so more of your Favourites, Notes and Presets will have appeared. We hope to have everything back as it should be within your Favourites sections soon. 

The issue with drawing lines charts correctly, counter intuitively, proved more challenging than initially expected and will be implemented tomorrow morning. 


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