Email of the day on further enhancements to the Chart Library received by Sarah:
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December 06 2013

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on further enhancements to the Chart Library received by Sarah:

“I could not find an address for Eoin so I would ask you to forward these comments which I hope might contribute towards a much needed improvement in the presentation of data in the library.

“It has expanded in a random fashion over many years as individual subscribers were able to add entries of interest to them, which became melded into the whole, whose structure has not been clearly thought through.

“I had hoped to see a much better constructed library where entries could be found in a logical and convenient place, logically grouped together, rather than alphabetically.

“As examples, major European stock indices would be listed together with performance data over different time periods, all visible on one screen, a format Jackson Wong used to present with II. It makes no sense to start the list with Austria, have Germany two columns of data away, and Spain on another list entirely. It should be possible to to present the components of each major index, again showing performance data, all on one screen.

“Similarly, sector performance of the Euro group and the ft 350 could be shown on one screen with charting available by clicking any line of interest. Likewise, the collection of funds eg Henderson European Focus Fund, could be presented showing their performance, and relative performance against European markets and sectors made available, part of which used to be done, or was that with II?

“Turning to USA, the alphabetical presentation and the constant need to click individual data points, is tiresome. Why not build the presentation down from the key stock indices, SPX etc, to include major bond prices and yields, the US$, and the nine AMEX sector SPDRS, to show key performance data for USA?  A second screen would show the breakdown of each SPDR,easily done by ETF, with the major stocks in each and some key indices. Similar to Europe, a third main arm would be reserved for funds. At present there is considerable duplication of data charts which essentially show the same picture. I think you should do some pruning and retain a core selection most widely recognised. This would pave the way to introduce a part of the data bank as subscribers' choices, outside the"core", thus giving them the chance to add them to their favourites. 

“I would like you to consider extending this "core" concept to the whole site, giving you control of its development, and extending to other areas of the world, the method of data presentation sketched out above.

“From comments going back some time, I am aware of your desire to improve the way in which data is presented and how infuriating it must be to have been let down so badly over the transfer. Time will see recovery, to be followed by improvements, which I hope will encompass some of my ideas, but your real expertise lies in an ability to understand the meaning of the data and have the skill to impart this to your clients in a way to improve their investment performance. I hope you will acquire the skilled resource needed turn out a superb data base, and focus on showing us how to make money!

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you for taking the time to compile this highly ambitious template for enhancements to the Chart Library. Once we overcome the hurdle of returning the Chart Library to the level of service you are accustomed to, this is just the type of development work we wish to undertake and which was quite literally impossible within our previous structure. This was one of the primary reasons we took the risk of embarking on a whole new direction for how the Service is displayed in the first place. 

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