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December 04 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day on the new Website and Chart Library:

"Dear David, I am a relatively recent subscriber to your excellent service.

With regards, I had thought that the chart library would get updated. Specifically I find it generally difficult, outside of using search, to find what I am looking for. Would it not make more sense to have core folders Equities, Commodities, Forex? Within Commodities you could put Metals, soft commodities etc... Within Forex you could put the major currencies, Emerging market fx and so on. You might want a fourth core folder 'Funds'. It feels to me that the current system has grown over time but probably makes a lot more sense to someone who has used it for years rather than a newcomer. It feels very random and disjointed at the mo. For example you currently have the following separate folders: Western Europe, Northern + Southern Europe, Developed Europe, Eastern Europe and Emerging Europe. This is not efficient and its not clear to me the difference between Developed Europe and Western Europe for example. Apart from this small gripe, I'm a huge fan."

David Fuller's view

Many thanks for your kind words and helpful input. Eoin and I also thought the Chart Library would be updated (modernised) faster and that has clearly not happened yet, mainly due to the rush and daunting problem of not receiving our data, which we had paid for, out of the previous firm. There was some overlap of usage but we had no choice but to repurchase historic price data from Bloomberg. An even bigger problem was discovering that data sent to us for individual subscribers such as - Favourites, Presets and Notes - was either incomplete, scrambled or in unrecognisable code. Consequently, a huge amount of time was spent trying to clean the data, and some of this has now taken place as you will see from Eoin, below. Further progress will be detailed on a frequent basis. 

Meanwhile, in this Profit from Adversity situation, we now have an opportunity to recreate the Chart Library and improve the website with subscribers' views and preferences fully in mind. Therefore, I invite any subscribers who have views on what would be most useful and helpful, in terms of general interest, to send us their thoughts, because this is obviously a work in progress. A number of you have already done so and Eoin, Craig and I will try to find the most practical and useful ideas, and implement them. The short to medium-term goal for the Chart Library is to restore initially its functionality, including your Favourites sections. We know how distressing the temporary loss of your Favourites has been, due to the incorrect data which was forwarded to us. I suggest you not waste your time by trying to reset them just yet as we hope to fully solve that problem very soon. The short-term goal is to make the Chart Library at least comperable to what we had at Fullermoney. The medium to longer-term goal is to keep up to date with what works best and most suites subscribers' needs and interests. Regarding Comment of the Day, we have removed most of the promotional data which should never have been there, as it obviously belongs in the Free (Abbreviated) section. I know how irritating that was and unfortunately the Testimonials are still there, but not for long. 

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