Email of the day on issues relating to the Chart Library:
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December 04 2013

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on issues relating to the Chart Library:



"Thanks for the new site, but sorry, my favourites list is a mess. I tried to fix it but none of the changes got retained! 

"Other feedback: 

"Remember me" login cookie not working 

"Can't copy charts using right click 

"More scrolling and clicking to navigate is not good. Hopefully you can tighten this up with better format i.e. less background space 

"All the best with the fixes!"

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you making contact and identifying the above issues. This rollout is not what we had hoped by a long margin but returning the Chart Library to a level of service subscribers are accustomed to is our top priority before we embark on an ambitious enhancement program. Let me take your issues in order: 

Our programmers are now working with the new file that was sent over by our previous hosts. They successfully interpreted it today so that the issue with constituents appearing as section headings has been resolved. 

I have more than 4000 instruments in my Favourites because I create a new section every time I review a sector. This allows me to quickly revisit topics of interest in a timely manner and forms the basis for many of the chart reviews I post in Comment of the Day. I only share this information to highlight just how much of a priority it is, to all of us, to fix this problem as quickly as possible. 

Now that we have solved the issue with constituents appearing as section headings, we are gong through the database to make sure that all of the constituents have been imported correctly. This may take another 24 hours to ensure that we have every instrument subscribers have chosen in their Favourites. 

The issue with being logged out of the site after a few hours is currently being addressed and should be resolved within 24 hours.  

The "right click to save" charts has been replaced by an icon above the chart that looks like an arrow pointing downwards into a tray. To save a chart simply click on this icon and the chart will be saved to your pc. 

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