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December 03 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day on the Monday Audio

I am restricting myself to one of many but all were gratefully received

“Heavens David what an unexpected and heart-rending story on the audio today!  I expected you were just having the usual technical problems with any new system - ones I have worked on have often taken weeks before they worked properly - not that the whole process was being conducted in a warlike situation!

“We are all I'm sure deeply grateful to you and Eoin for your determination - at considerable personal expense - to keep the system alive and make it even better than before.  All just goes to underline the enormous personal integrity which has been the hallmark of your service through the decades. Quite rare in the financial world as I'm sure you'll agree!  But in your case beyond the bounds of any reasonable expectations.

“In the circumstances I will totally wait about a week before making any further technical comment on the new website at all.  Give them time to catch their breath, then I will have a detailed look at it and give you some feedback.”  

David Fuller's view

Thank you so much for this generous and thoughtful email.  The previous situation was equally difficult for Eoin and Sarah, and they are both magnificent under pressure and were equally determined to realign ourselves.  But that is all behind us now.  We face a new but manageable pressure to get this website and especially its Chart Library quickly into shape, with the indispensable support of Craig Ribton and his team of programmers.  Thereafter, we will continue to develop the service.  

We will keep subscribers up to date on this progress, starting on Wednesday.  It will take more than a week to complete the debugging and redesigning but it is an obvious priority which will be addressed until completed

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