Why Tesla could become world''s first 10 trillion dollar company
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February 05 2020

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Why Tesla could become world''s first 10 trillion dollar company

This article from The Driven may be of interest. Since it was released yesterday the title has been edited to "Why Tesla could soon become world’s most valuable company"; reflecting a quick moderation of sentiment. Here is a section:

“There’s a lot of growth opportunities from that plant going forward,” Baron said on CNBC. “[Tesla] could be one of the largest companies in the whole world.”

A day earlier, Ark Invest suggested the stock could be worth $US7,000 a share within five years. That equates to a market value of around $US1.5 trillion – making it more valuable than the current top stocks, Apple and Saudi Aramco. (And there’s a lot of Apple in the way Tesla proposes to managed its EV and batteries).

Ark Invest’s reasons for this are worth repeating.

“Based on our updated expectations for electric vehicle (EV) cost declines and demand, as well as our estimates for the potential profitability of robotaxis, our 2024 expected value per share for TSLA is $7,000,” it wrote in a note to investors over the weekend.

This, essentially, is a massive bet on the success of Tesla’s Full Self Driving, and Musk’s dream of potentially turning every Tesla with the appropriate software into a robotaxi, and his own dreams of building a huge fleet of robo-taxis that will revolutionize the way we do road travel.

Stanford University’s Tony Seba has been talking about the arrival of self-driving for a few years now.

Eoin Treacy's view

Analyst estimates for Tesla’s future potential upside have been significantly upgraded over the last couple of weeks. This might be tongue-in-cheek but some analyst expectations are now even above where the price is currently trading. In June there was a consensus the company was going broke and today there are some floating the idea it will be worth more than ten times what Amazon is currently trading at. I think it is safe to say the truth is somewhere in between.

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