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June 12 2017

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day 1

On British Socialism:

Despite the worst campaign by Tories in recent history and arguably the best ever by Labour, British Socialism is sill more than 50 seats shy of effective government in the UK. If this is the best Labour can do, I'd back a revitalized Tory party to romp home in a couple of years’ time, once Brexit brawls have provoked another election. First, wounds must heal and Brexit discussions take shape.

David Fuller's view

I regard Jeremy Corbyn as a polite crypto-communist, capable of destroying the UK economy faster than the worst of Labour’s Socialist Prime Ministers over the decades. Hopefully, his current influence will have waned in a few years’ time but that depends on how quickly and competently the Tory Party can recover.  Meanwhile, the political risks are high and I assume that some EU officials would prefer Corbyn’s Labour to our Conservative PMs, given all the acrimonious discussions in recent years. 

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