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June 06 2017

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day 1

On Theresa May’s disappointing campaign:

Bullying, yes, and the British always tend to support underdogs. But the Tory campaign has allowed the debate to swing away from Brexit onto domestic, where Labour is generous and Tories realistic. Generosity is more attractive than reality. Her U Turn on Social Care -why introduce a radical domestic change mid-term when you are already incumbent and don't need to? - had many good points but she allowed Labour to characterize it as austerity. Overall, the Tory campaign has lacked bite and energy, allowing opponents to pitch it as arrogant and unnecessarily austere. A Trump factor - disenchantment with the political class - also works against the Tories and in favour of outsider Corbyn and the innumerate amateurism of his acolytes.

David Fuller's view

Many thanks for your astute summary. 

We can be sure the Brussels bureaucrats will be enjoying Theresa May’s comeuppance.  It will be a painful but also valuable lesson, assuming she survives this election.

(See also: Matthew Lynn’s apt column for The Telegraph: 2017 is the Worst Possible Year for Britain to Experiment with Corbyn-omics, posted on Monday)  

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