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June 06 2017

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day 2

More on the UK election: 

Hiya David

The prospect of Corbyn terrifies me, truly. I agree, we will be taken back to a 70’s style nightmare. Perhaps not cerebral enough for your website but I think the man is the spitting image of Davros. If you are a Doctor Who fan you may remember him from the 70’s as well.

But for what it’s worth I think the Conservatives will win, comfortably. This site does give me some hope. It seems such a long time ago now but I was certain Cameron would win in 2015, and that there would be a Brexit vote last year. So hopefully, not 3rd time unlucky.

We shall see!

All the very best

David Fuller's view

I really enjoyed this email which is also very informative, and you certainly have made some astute calls on our elections.

Davros is certainly scary, as is Corbyn’s track record, although my imagination does not reveal to me the spitting image resemblance.  Surprisingly, at least to me, he has run the most successful campaign. Under constant attack from May he has shown amazing self-control, presenting himself as a gentle, respectful and even kindly moderate figure, above criticism, rather than the hard-line Marxist his track record reveals.

Thanks for introducing me to Electoral Calculus by Martin Baxter. It is reassuring and also interesting, although they show a Conservative gain of only 30 seats – a far cry from the 100 or more seats which many pundits were forecasting when the campaign commenced.  Worryingly, Baxter respects the YouGov polling methodology, while disagreeing with its prediction that the Conservatives will lose their majority.  If that happens we are in trouble. 

(See also: General election: Polls and odds tracker in final week of campaigning, from The Telegraph)

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