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January 10 2017

Commentary by David Fuller

The Markets Now

Here is the brochure for the first Markets Now of 2017, on Monday evening 16th January, at London’s Caledonian Club.  

David Fuller's view

I look forward to another lively and enjoyable evening, which features the return of Dr David Brown who will discuss the new Industrial Revolution.  

Meanwhile, I hope subscribers have profited from the Trump bull market rally, recently consolidating a short-term overbought condition.  It will be interesting to see how Wall Street performs during the rest of this week.  If indices such as Nasdaq Composite remain steady, let along firm, we could see another upside momentum move. Conversely, watch out over the next few months if the early November reaction lows are broken.  Note how well the UK’s FTSE 100 Index has performed, benefitting considerable from all the inform commodity shares. 

Keep an eye on China’s Shanghai A-Shares Index, because the world’s second largest economy is the next biggest international influence after Wall Street.  China remains an enigma; bullish and bearish views could not be further apart, so keep an eye on Bitcoin.  Rich Chinese are said to be behind Bitcoin’s sharp rise in their efforts to get money out of the country.   

It will be interesting to discuss all of this at Markets Now on January 16th, and to hear your views as well.  Come along to contribute and enjoy the fun.

Stop Press: Iain Little’s colleague, Bruce Albrecht, will be joining Markets Now on the 16th and delivering a short chart-based presentation.  

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