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August 17 2016

Commentary by David Fuller

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On a battery technology company:

I am happy to be back. To reconvene, I thought you may enjoy this article: Eguana Skunks Tesla.  Source: Bob Moriarty for The Energy Report (8/15/16).  Bob Moriarty discusses a tiny Canadian technology company based in Calgary with an award winning battery/power converter that is more powerful, more portable and easier to install than the Tesla equivalent. 




David Fuller's view

Welcome back and thanks for the article: Eguana Skunks Tesla, which I found on the www (subscribers, see link in the email above). 

I am too old to speculate in penny stocks but I have respected your views over decades and there is no hotter topic at the moment than new battery technologies.  Eguana, with the help of Bob Moriarty, is in play once again as we can see from these two Bloomberg charts (weekly & daily).

Good luck.  

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