Watch These Synthetic Leaves Suck CO2 Out of the Sky
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June 15 2016

Commentary by David Fuller

Watch These Synthetic Leaves Suck CO2 Out of the Sky

Here is the opening of this interesting article from Bloomberg on reducing a problem which is contributing to climate change:

We’ve added more than half a billion tons of carbon to the air since the industrial revolution. This device could help clean it up.

What about all the carbon we've already poured into the atmosphere? If only there were a device that could take some of it back out.

Researchers at Arizona State University’s Center for Negative Carbon Emissions are working on one. They discovered a commercially available resin that can grab carbon dioxide at low concentrations when the material is dry and release it when the material is moist. The CO2 it collects could be stored underground, used in greenhouses, or fed to algae for biofuel production.

"Right now, we are taking carbon out of the ground. We then convert the energy into something useful. Then there’s a third step that we ignore—namely, to clean up after ourselves," said Klaus Lackner, the center’s director.

Technology can solve all manmade atmospheric problems and it is obviously in our interests to do so.  The process described in the article above will be unobtrusive in the process.  Scientific developments which help the planet are a no brainer and will most likely eventually make a profit in the process. 

David Fuller's view

The accompanying video is more informative than the article.   

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