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March 24 2016

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day 1

More on Brussels:

This assessment [see Wednesday’s lead item] does not surprise me. I travel to Brussels several times a year to EU meetings. Much of the city appears to be slowly degenerating with little sign of refurbishment of buildings or infrastructure. New buildings are mostly EU-related. Traffic is awful. The Eurostar station (Brussels-Sud) is from the 19th century and on return home London St Pancras/Kings Cross looks marvelous, with colour, energy and modernity totally lacking in Brussels. Though Belgium still surprises with very good food and beer!

David Fuller's view

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I suspect the food and wine have been good for centuries, a few wars aside, and I hope they are a favourable omen for Brussels’ future.  As for Parcras/Kings Cross, I can remember when they were very rundown and their revival is further evidence of London’s dynamism.  However, this cannot be taken for granted – we have a very important mayoral election on 5th May.   

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