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October 01 2015

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day 1

On global stock markets (picked up from the website in response to Wednesday’s copy):

I don't get it. Oil prices are low. Interest rates remain low. When did those factors become negatives? We should be excited (I am).

The markets rose for four years unabated from a previous resting ledge. We are due for a rest (ranging). All of the demographic and technological factors David and Eoin cite remain in place. Demand for securities continues to rise globally, its only a matter of when, not if the markets resume a general upward slope.

Emerging market and energy sectors are offering a once in a generation value proposition. 

All of this noise by the bears clearly rhymes with past exhortations that went unfulfilled. 

My two cents, not worried.

David Fuller's view

Thanks for your interesting comments. 

I certainly have no vendetta against bears but when people miss a big move to the upside, they understandably have a vested interest in a significant downturn, so I particularly like your penultimate sentence above.  Markets are often very emotional, with people interpreting the crowd’s panic or euphoria as an economic indicator.  Accordingly, markets discount approximately eight out of the last one significant bear markets.

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