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August 03 2015

Commentary by David Fuller

Interesting charts of the day

Price charts show the money flows

David Fuller's view

Iconic Apple has broken beneath lateral trading near $120 and also its 200-day (40-week) moving average.  It is short-term oversold on the Stochastics Indicator but needs a clear upward dynamic to indicate a downside failure and reaffirmation of the overall upward trend.

This is a persistent but not accelerated decline such as we saw in yearend 2014 and early-January for Brent Crude Oil.  Nevertheless, another clear upward dynamic is needed to reaffirm the January low and scope for at least a short-term technical rally. I would be surprised if this is a significant deterioration for Apple but investors are clearly nervous. 

Gold and the three other futures-traded precious metals have broken downwards from trading ranges, most of which had persisted in ranges, albeit mostly with declining biases, for months.  Consequently, they are temporarily overextended but not sufficiently so to look climactic, with the possible exception of Platinum, although it is still $200 above its 2008 trough.  Since these are also monetary metals, they become more interesting as they fall but I think we could easily see more evidence of capitulation selling before a significant floor is reached.     

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