Political moves heat up as Indonesian parties hunt for presidential, vice-presidential candidates
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March 24 2023

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Political moves heat up as Indonesian parties hunt for presidential, vice-presidential candidates

This article from the Strait Times may be of interest to subscribers. Here is a section: 

The PDI-P, which secured 22 per cent of parliamentary seats in 2019, is the only party that can nominate candidates without having to ally with other parties. Both Mr Widodo and Mr Ganjar are members of PDI-P.

For Mr Ganjar, the main obstacle to being named PDI-P’s presidential candidate is his own party, said Padjadjaran University political communication expert Kunto Adi Wibowo.

“If Ganjar wants the nomination, PDI-P should be the one to nominate him. He doesn’t want to quit his own party. But will Megawati (Sukarnoputri) give the ticket to Ganjar while she is grooming Puan (Maharani)?,” he said.

Ms Megawati is PDI-P’s chief, while Ms Puan, her daughter, is the House of Representatives Speaker and ranks low in electability rating polls.

Prof Firman noted that both PDI-P and Gerindra may finally have to strike a “tough deal” if they cannot come up with their nominees amid the constant rise in popularity of Dr Anies, given the solidity of his support. 

“If they are forced by pressing circumstances, they will make a deal and resort to the most popular candidates,” he said.  

Eoin Treacy's view

President Widodo has been a stabilizing force for Indonesia throughout his tenure. The biggest test of sound governance is in the transfer of power. If the sound base he has built can be sustained, the long-term outlook for Indonesia’s potential will be upgraded by investors.

The Rupiah continues to firm from the region of its lows and the Jakarta Composite is firming from the upper side of the 2018-2021 range.

Indonesia, with a large population and significant raw materials is a prime destination for companies seeking an alternative to relying on China as a manufacturing destination.

Mexico’s Peso and stock market share common characteristics and macro support. 

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