PGIM Sees No-Brainer in Betting Against Another Fed Pivot Trade
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October 06 2022

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

PGIM Sees No-Brainer in Betting Against Another Fed Pivot Trade

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Investors counting on a Federal Reserve pivot any time soon are bound to get burned again, according to PGIM Fixed Income.

“We’ve seen this movie time and time again,” said Greg Peters, co-chief investment officer at the Newark-based firm, in an interview. “The market gets hyped up on different narratives between inflation releases. I’ve been surprised by it, and we’ve been using it as an opportunity to sell into.”

The firm, which manages assets of $790 billion, sold US Treasuries after a rally earlier this week sparked by speculation the Fed was about to turn more dovish. The market move proved short lived, backing its view that there’s still not enough evidence to suggest policy makers will rein in aggressive interest-rate hikes.

The speculation -- fueled by a smaller-than-expected rate hike in Australia -- drove action across global markets in the first two days of this week, driving down two-year Treasury yields by nearly 30 basis points at one point to below 4%.

Eoin Treacy's view

Neel Kashkari, who has historically been viewed as a dove, was quoted today as saying "more work to do" on bringing down inflation, and is "quite a ways away" from being able to pause its aggressive interest-rate hikes.

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