New Name, New Website from 1st December, but the Same Attention to Detail and Data
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November 29 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

New Name, New Website from 1st December, but the Same Attention to Detail and Data

Introducing Craig Ribton to subscribers as the new FT Money website goes live on Monday.

Craig has been a subscriber for nearly a decade and we met several years ago when he visited my office. I was impressed by his business acumen and enthusiasm for the markets. We became friends and over a year ago I asked him if he would be interested in helping us to develop our service. Fortunately, he was and it is now appropriate that you hear from Craig:

Dear FT Money Subscribers,

By way of introduction, I am Craig Ribton, co-founder of the Proactive Investors Group UKNorth America and Australia, as well as StockTube and ISCapital. It is an honour to be joining the FT Money team as Chief Operating Officer. I have been a fellow subscriber of Fullermoney for nearly ten years and the service has been invaluable to me. A crucial principle within the financial media industry is that 'content is king'. As fellow subscribers, I trust you agree that Fullermoney provides a wealth of content that has helped all of our global investment strategies.

What you will see before you as of December 1st is the culmination of many months of hard work. The new site is sleeker and easier to navigate. However, we've done this without compromising on the vast wealth of data that Fullermoney has been noted for. It is still there, though it should be more accessible and easier to mine, including the new Chart Library. Exciting future developments include a mobile app that will send favourites such as the Audio and Comment of the Day direct to your smartphone or tablet. New developments and upgrades can be quickly integrated because FT Money will be supported by a much larger network of developers. Consequently, we will be able to deal in a timely and efficient way with suggestions and requests from you, our subscribers.

In other words this will be even more of an interactive service. We also look forward to introducing more services that will help with clients' global investment strategies. By all means, let us know what you think of the progress we have made when you visit the new site. We would appreciate your feedback and should you have any difficulty at all with the service please email [email protected] where the support team and I will be on hand to take care of your communications.

Best wishes,

Craig Ribton
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