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May 21 2010

Commentary by David Fuller

My personal portfolio

Trailing stops triggered on DAX and S&P shorts; AUD/JPY long reopened

David Fuller's view I lowered stops on my stock market index hedge shorts this morning because short-term oversold and / or overstretched conditions are developing, often near 200-day MAs. With DAX, my June short was bought in at 5800 this afternoon, against my sale at 6021 on 19th May. Later this afternoon my S&P short was bought in at 1080 against my short sale at 1104.63, also on 19th May.

Seeing stock markets and copper rally, I repurchased my previously ill-timed AUD/JPY longs below where they were closed out on 19th May. Today, I paid ¥73.67 and ¥74.07 for two equal-sized September positions.

These prices include all spread-bet dealing costs.

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