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November 26 2012

Commentary by David Fuller

My personal portfolio

An important position rolled forward

David Fuller's view My remaining and expiring Dec gold positions (weekly & daily) purchased on 1 Oct @ $1773.5 & $1781, 4 Oct @ $1793.5 & $1795, 5 Oct $1788 & $1785.2, 18 Oct $1748.6, were sold at $1749.3 this evening, while an equal quantity of Feb positions were simultaneously opened at $1751.4, in addition to my Feb gold purchase at $1735.6 on 23 Nov. I was too aggressive in early October, given the correction which followed, but I am very glad that I did not allow the position to be stopped out during the setback. I am also long silver, platinum and particularly palladium. I expect further strength this year and also well into 2013.

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