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September 06 2011

Commentary by David Fuller

My personal portfolio:

USD/CHF long closed; stops triggered in silver futures

David Fuller's view My tactics in USD/CHF (weekly & daily) were atrocious, mainly because I did not exit once the downtrend resumed. I held on because the Swiss National Bank was threatening intervention and it certainly had its bluff called. This afternoon I sold my September contract in USD/CHF at CHF0.85600 against my purchase at CHF0.85169 on 15th June.

On seeing gold back off its new high this afternoon, I placed in-the-money stops on my two silver (weekly & daily) longs. These were triggered a little lower than I would have normally expected in fast-moving markets. Consequently, my two December longs were sold at $41.725 against my purchases at $40.148 and $40.802 on 24th and 25th August. I am unlikely to be out of precious metals for long.

These prices include all spread-bet dealing costs.

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