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July 05 2011

Commentary by David Fuller

My personal portfolio:

Silver and platinum long trades opened

David Fuller's view At Fullermoney, with leveraged trading in futures markets we prefer to buy after reactions or corrections have occurred, as we have seen with precious metals recently. They fell back to the bottom of their recent ranges, potentially in a process of support building. US-based traders are returning from yesterday's holiday and might participate in a momentum change.

Having bought some gold (weekly & daily) yesterday evening, I also nibbled at silver (weekly & daily) and platinum (weekly & daily) this afternoon. I paid $34.683 for September silver and $1732.5 for October platinum, including spread-bet dealing costs. Gold and silver are currently protected with tight breakeven stops because these are still ranging markets. For this reason I am also likely to take profits quickly in the event of a further rally, rather than hold out for significant gains which I maintain are possible in Q4.

These prices include spread-bet dealing costs.

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