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March 25 2011

Commentary by David Fuller

My personal portfolio:

Expiring platinum long trade rolled forward

David Fuller's view For a choppy market environment the long-term portfolio is doing reasonably well, uranium miners aside, but recently I have found it harder to make money trading so I am doing less. My last platinum purchase was ill-timed as I thought it was about to follow silver and gold to new highs. It did not but I will give this trade a little more time as platinum's ranging upward trend is still intact (weekly & daily). Based on yesterday's settlement price, my expiring April position was sold at $1759 today against my purchases at $1840.3 and $1830.4 on 18th February and 3rd March. As this trade was on automatic rollover, longs were simultaneously opened in the July contract at $1764.8.

These prices include all spread-bet dealing costs.

My somewhat larger gold futures long position is scheduled to be rolled forward next week.

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