Morgan Stanley Sees Dojo Boosting Tesla's Value by $500 Billion
Comment of the Day

September 11 2023

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Morgan Stanley Sees Dojo Boosting Tesla's Value by $500 Billion

Morgan Stanley Sees Dojo Boosting Tesla’s Value by $500 Billion 

The supercomputer, designed to handle massive amounts of data in training driving systems, may put Tesla at “an asymmetric advantage” in a market potentially worth $10 trillion, said Jonas, and could make software and services the biggest value driver for Tesla from here onward. 

The next version of Tesla’s full self-driving system, expected by year-end, and the company’s potential Artificial Intelligence Day in 2024 are worth watching, he added. Tesla has not formally announced an AI Day for next year. 

Eoin Treacy's view

It looks like Tesla is finally getting some credit for its AI expertise. The company is further along in providing autonomous driving than any other company. Quite whether the final product launch will depend on the individual computing power of the car and its sensors and/or instant connectivity with a supercomputer remains to be seen. 

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