It is great to be writing and recording again
Comment of the Day

October 20 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

It is great to be writing and recording again

David Fuller's view OK, moving office, adjusting to software changes or upgrades, and installing equipment is not my favourite pastime. The exciting part, which Eoin and I have been planning since last year with our new partners, could only commence its completion stages following this month's buyout of Fullermoney. The FT Money website is now running in parallel during its final development and testing phase which could not occur before the buyout had been completed. We have now been able to import all historic editorial data from the old website but due to some individual software in the previous organisation, this reallocation is a somewhat forensic operation. What subscribers will see in several weeks is the initial modernisation and enhancement of this Global Strategy Service which should always be a work in progress.

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