Internet Trends 2019
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June 17 2019

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Internet Trends 2019

This report from Mary Meeker at Bond includes a large number of graphics which may be of interest to subscribers. Here is a section from the introduction:

The rapid rise of gathered / analyzed digital data is often core to the holistic success of the fastest growing & most successful companies of our time around the world. Context-rich data can help businesses provide consumers with increasingly personalized products & services that can often be obtained at lower prices & delivered more efficiently. This, in turn, can drive higher customer satisfaction. Better data-driven tools can improve the ability for consumers to communicate directly & indirectly with businesses & regulators.

Core constituents (consumers / businesses / regulators) are increasingly drinking from a data firehose & management challenges continue to rise for all parties. Broad awareness of challenges (& related vigorous / heated debates) can be the first step in driving change.

Consumers are aware of concerns about Internet usage overload & are taking steps to reduce usage – leading USA-based Internet platforms have rolled out tools to help monitor usage & social media usage growth appears to be decelerating following a period of strong growth. Privacy & problematic content concerns are also top-of-mind & are following similar patterns.

Owing to social media amplification, reveals / actions / reactions about events can occur quickly – resulting in both good & bad outcomes. In markets where online real-time rating systems exist, accountability can be improved vs. offline options as consumers & businesses interact directly while regulators can also benefit.

Rapidly expanding connectivity has helped amplify voices of good & bad actors. This has brought new focus to an age-old challenge for regulators around the world – finding the most effective ways to amplify good & minimize bad, often resulting in different regional interpretations & strategies.

Eoin Treacy's view

A link to the full report is posted in the Subscriber's Area.

The march of technology and pace of innovation as massive data sets are parsed, managed and exploited has helped to drive the bull market in data centres and the resulting cloud-based product offerings. That remains a powerful trend because new business models are springing up to lever the potential for costumer engagement from automating the product offering to cater to user demand. That represents a reversal of the traditional product to customer model and is a primary trend behind the creation of new companies.

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