India: Jam-packed crowd joins chorus, want Modi to be PM
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August 12 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

India: Jam-packed crowd joins chorus, want Modi to be PM

My thanks to a contributor in India for these articles on Narendra Modi, Gujarat's Chief Minister and BJP campaign committee chairman. They are posted in the Subscriber's Area but here is a sample from the Deccan Chronicle
Sources said that industrialists, film personalities, educationists and doctors who met Mr Modi were thoroughly impressed with the leader and went overboard praising him, his model of leadership and said that they wanted him to be Prime Minister.

David Fuller's view In terms of any country's progress, Fullermoney has long maintained that Governance Is Everything. India's large, unwieldy economy needs good governance more than most, but it has been poorly served more often than not.

India's next general election will not occur until 2014, and possibly not before next July. Nevertheless, given Narendra Modi's economic success in Gujarat and with a forceful, charismatic personality, his campaign is attracting a growing following. He could be just what India needs to modernise and develop its economic potential.

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