Hermes Leathers Issue Less Worrying as Other Units Bounce
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August 04 2022

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Hermes Leathers Issue Less Worrying as Other Units Bounce

This note from Bloomberg may be of interest.

RECENT EVENT REACTION: Hermes 1H sales and earnings beat raises our confidence for sales growth ahead of the 10% expected by consensus for 2023-25, driven by outperformance in all regions and most categories, where pace of demand appears an ample offset to production capacity constraints at Leather Goods (43% of sales.) A 42.1% operating margin, up 140bps, suggests margin strengthening is widespread. (07/29/22)

1. Hermes Demand Is Stronger as Supply Poses Test: Company Outlook

THESIS: Demand for Hermes' exclusive products and categories is gaining momentum globally and seems unlikely to be held back by an inflation-fueled consumer spending squeeze. Sales and profit growth are pinned to new production sites for Leather Goods, its highest margin contributor, while building its volume-restricted brand across other categories, and that's proving a success. A new leather production facility is due each year in 2022-26, adding 4-5% in volume capacity annually. Solid investment supports accelerated growth in other categories.

A burgeoning cash balance adds to Hermes' ability to pay dividends, buy back shares, expand store size and explore new categories. (07/29/22)

Eoin Treacy's view

I thought this was a particularly interesting development because there are widespread reports of the luxury watch market peaking. Possible reasons for the divergence is there are a lot more watches in circulation than Hermes bags, the second hand market is more mature and watches tend to last longer than leather goods.

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