Graphene: This miracle material could drive the next tech revolution
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February 15 2012

Commentary by David Fuller

Graphene: This miracle material could drive the next tech revolution

My thanks to a subscriber for this informative article by Merryn Somerset Webb for MoneyWeek. Here is the opening:
There is a holy grail for private investors.

It is getting in early on a technological or resource investment that changes the history of industry. The discovery of DNA, say, or the internal combustion engine.

Of course, those sorts of opportunities don't come along very often.

But a few years ago I started hearing about something that might just fit the bill…

How graphene could change our world

Graphene is a material generated from graphite. And it has some people very excited indeed.

Here's a quote from analysts LarrainVial. "The attributes of graphene - transparence, density, electric and thermal conductivity, elasticity, flexibility, hardness resistance and capacity to generate chemical reactions with other substances - harbour the potential to unleash a new technological revolution of more magnificent proportions than that ushered in by electicity in the 19th century and the rise of the internet in the 1990s."

Graphene could set in motion a new "economic growth spiral", making it the "compound of the 21st century".

David Fuller's view Everything that I have read about graphene continues to suggest that it will eventually become the most important manmade industrial material of all. It is certainly another reason to be very excited about the exponential growth in technology, at a time when most investors are still preoccupied with Greece and all the other debt problems in the west. These are formidable obstacles but they will eventually be overcome, as we have seen with earlier credit crises. Meanwhile, our technology-led future is full of potential.

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