Felix Zulauf: 'A Decade of Roller Coaster Markets'
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December 12 2022

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Felix Zulauf: 'A Decade of Roller Coaster Markets'

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Saudi Arabia will be part of it. Russia will be part of it. Iran may be part of it. India may be part of it. And that currency will be—unlike all other currencies—not be a fiat currency, but a currency backed by commodities these member nations produce. And what I hear is, I think, it will come to the market in the mid-’20s or something like that. So, in a few years’ time. It’s another two to three years away.

Once that comes and becomes reality, then I think this is an important source and currency unit to settle trade and to store certain reserves for countries that are not very close friends with the US. And once that currency unit gets established, that could be a big problem for the US dollar.

I don’t think it will happen overnight. I think it will happen step by step, but it’s a first step. So, I’m concerned that the US dollar is in a topping process. They could stretch into next year and then begin a decline. I do not believe that the decline will be dramatic in the first next few years, but I think from the second half of the ‘20s onwards, I think we could see the dollar in an accelerating decline, yes.

Eoin Treacy's view

I agree the world is in a state of flux. There are significant competing themes evolving and not every cherished theory is going to be successful. The biggest consensus in the market today is there is going to be a soft landing. I have my doubts.

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