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November 20 2020

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on Worldwide Healthcare Trust

This may be of interest to you and the collective.

Disclosure: I have shares in Worldwide Healthcare Trust and am considering Biotech Growth Trust.

The second half is Q & A which is also useful. 

My subscription is due for renewal at end-Dec and I shall be renewing.  The comment of the day and especially your daily and weekend audios are priceless for a small investor like myself. It's hard to thank you enough.

Very best wishes

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you for this video which I believe will be of interest to subscribers. Thanks also for your long and continued support which is much appreciated.

In the video, I was encouraged by the statements from the managers that they will defend a 6% discount on their funds and are willing to buy back shares should the discount widen. At present both trusts are trading at close to par.

The willingness of all three participants to take whatever RNA vaccines are produced was also encouraging.

I was also particularly interested in what they had to say about liquid biopsy which they referred to as a quicker emerging growth avenue than genetic sequencing. It was the primary reason Ilumina paid up to acquire Grail. Here is a link to an article from Nature from earlier this year. 

The Worldwide Healthcare Trust has been rangebound since May. A reversion towards the mean has been completed. Some additional consolidation is possible as the wider market pauses heading into year end.

The Biotech Growth Trust has clearly outperformed the Nasdaq Biotech Index and continues to trend higher.

Personally, I favour biotech because I believe the future of the health care sector is in cures rather than treatments. That will put a premium on innovation over chronic condition cashflows over time in my opinion. 

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