Email of the day on Ukraine
Comment of the Day

February 23 2022

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on Ukraine

I wondered this morning what you meant when you said on commentary, as regards Ukraine, that, "all other factors aside, these are reasonable demands from a geopolitical perspective".

This comes across as appearing to justify Putin's move. I am sure what you meant to say was that the move might be considered reasonable from Putin's perspective.

That might be true but that doesn't make it right morally: every sovereign nation should be able to decide what their future looks like, not an outsider.

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you for this email which raises some important points. First off, I am in no way saying that moving troops into another country is ever morally correct. What I said was the demands are reasonable. The methods used to achieve them are not. The reality is geopolitics seldom has anything to do with morality.

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