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January 10 2019

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on the Subscriber's Video

Eoin/Sarah, I think I've asked you before but are E's video's available in writing? I do find them somewhat tedious and long winded to listen to. And time consuming. I see my sub is up for renewal I'm not sure I'm going to continue anymore if I can't get more of his wisdom in writing. Perhaps I'm missing something? Please advise. Cheers

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you for this email which I thought would be worth sharing with subscribers. We provide this service at below cost and on a levelized basis to everyone from sovereign wealth funds to entrepreneurs, family offices to retirees and everyone in between on a global scale. It’s a vocation for both David and I but it’s always a challenge to keep up with the pace of communications technology and the service has morphed over the last 16 years from a print publication to being purely online and providing written, audio and video commentary as well as access to the Chart Library.

I started providing the videos more than two years ago and there is no doubt it takes longer to talk through a chart than to simply speak about the markets. The old audios seldom ran above 15 minutes but it seems to just take longer to cover the same topics while recording videos. Delegates at The Chart Seminar in Australia and the UK last year reported preferring the videos because they no longer have to pull up the charts by hand while listening.

I am willing to trial voice to text software but from what I have heard it is error prone so the transcripts are bound to have typos or be incomprehensible and I do not have the time to edit them in a timely manner for publication. Transcription services generally cost $5 per minute for express service, which is within 12 hours so it is doubtful I would get them back in a timely manner for a daily service.

I think the best thing is to cover the three most important points of the day in the first five minutes of the video and progress to bigger topics from there. I don’t plan on altering the Friday Big Picture format.

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