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January 12 2022

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

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I became a subscriber in 2011 and maintained my subscription for five years.  During that time I became immersed in David's and Eoin's investment and charting philosophies.  I used them to my great benefit and continue to use them today.  I attended two chart seminars.  I read Eoin's book.  Putting all of that together I reached my own conclusion about the investment situation globally.  Without all of that information I may as well have been guessing.

In 2016 I postponed my subscription not because of a qualitative shortfall from the service but because I felt I was able to build on what had been taught without further input.  The fruits of the first five years continue to pay dividends to this day.

Two months ago I renewed my subscription.  I was stunned at how Eoin had enhanced the value of the service with his daily audio/video reports.  They provide broad and succinct information necessary for all investment professionals you cannot get from CNBC or anywhere else.  I'm glad I did, especially since we may well be shifting from one investment epoch to a new one. 

It's up to the subscriber to take the bits of information presented and make them work to the style of investing of their choosing.  I don't hold Eoin or anyone accountable for the success or failure of any investment call.  That responsibility lies with each of us.  I will say that having someone point out the relevance of a company, an industry, a currency, or a market is invaluable - if we put it all together to make thoughtful decisions. 

Anyone can stay or leave and that's fine.  Having someone help quarterback the overall investment landscape as Eoin does in this day and age is critical.  There are way too many eyeballs and and ears listening to too few voices these days which is why you have severe overcrowding in things like FANGMAN.  For those that want to feel in good company they can tune into and invest along with Cramer.  For those who think broader they can use a boutique like FullerTreacy and do something better in the long run.

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you for your kind words and this insightful analysis for which I am both flattered and grateful.

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