Email of the day on the rationale for China's COVID-zero
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October 28 2022

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on the rationale for China's COVID-zero

Dear Eoin, I am one of your long term subscribers from Singapore from back when David started the service. I have been shared this hypothesis regarding the reason why China is keeping to the zero covid measures and it is less to do with the disease but something else. Firstly with the reason for covid, they have managed to track the movement of all individuals in China with the Green Code, which coupled with their country wide camera surveillance, allow the state to monitor constantly all citizens. This is especially important in the fight against corruption. Secondly and more importantly, China is still trying to deflate their large property bubble which is 30-40% of the countries economy. Besides Evergrande, there are systemic risk to the over investment in real estate which is a huge Ponzi scheme. Fortunately most of the debt are on-shore, and China needs to keep its borders closed. This is because if re-opened, the increased spending from in-bound and outbound tourism will cause inflation, and this will force The Central bank to raise interest rates. China Central Bank wants inflation to still be low so that the economy can be stimulated and the growth in local jobs help keep the confidence for the population to invest in the property market. If inflation rises, then interest rates have to increase and it will delay the clean up of the property market which has so far been very well controlled. China is doing far more in the real estate cleanup then the US did with Sub-Prime Crisis in 2007-2008. Due to the trade offs, the real estate recovery is more important that the risk to public health although China could simply mandate all citizens especially the elderly to be vaccinated which they have not. It cannot be due to the lack of vaccines or preparation for the hospital and ICU beds capacity as China could have allowed Moderna and Pfizer to be registered locally without asking for the IP to be disclosed. Hope to hear from you. Thanks 

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you for this informative email and your long-term patronage of the Service. At a time when many consumers are taking a hard look at expenses, I want to give special thanks to every one of our subscribers.

I have discussed this exact issue in the big picture long-term videos on several occasions, most recently last Friday. Let’s address it from first principals. China’s is a single party state, so they have the luxury of equating the Party with the country. Whatever is good for the Party is therefore considered good for the country.

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