Email of the day on pre-hospitalisation treatments for COVID-19
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April 19 2021

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on pre-hospitalisation treatments for COVID-19

Yet another conspiracy theorist??? This cardiologist testifying to the Senate committee is worth listening to. If we believe what he is saying (and I do) we could have saved many a life in those aged care homes in Melbourne when these b/s medical officers were advising against alternative treatments to be given to the old folks who were dying like flies whilst waiting for the elusive jab. Makes my skin crawl with anger. Wake up people, something is very wrong. Please listen to this professional air his views.

Eoin Treacy's view

The response to the novel coronavirus has been characterised by panic and that remains the case today. The only way to appeal to a panicky crowd is to trade in absolutes. The panacea offered by vaccines is an absolutism solution. That’s the primary reason for the championing of the vaccine solution.

The best protection against any cold-like virus is a diet filled with vitamins and nutrients with plenty of fresh air and sunlight. Doing anything possible to treat symptoms just makes good sense but nuance is incapable of being understood by a population in the throes of a panicky response to the unknown.

Unfortunately, once politicians and the medical establishment embark on a lockdown mantra the only way out of absolutism is a panacea. Vaccines are the answer and the success of the effort to combat the threat is intimately associated with the rollout strategy. If Dr. McCullough is correct then herd immunity is a lot closer than many people believe possible at present. That’s good news all around regardless of the mistakes made in 2020.

The Biotechnology ETF continues to pause in the region of its trend mean.  

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