Email of the day on Japanese shares and Chart Library enhancements
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June 03 2014

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on Japanese shares and Chart Library enhancements

“Could you please update the constituents of the Japanese Nikkei in the International Chart Library? Can we also have the Japanese Topix index back in the library? Thank you,”

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you for these requests. I have updated the constituents of the Nikkei-225 so you can feel confident when viewing-all-charts that it now gives an accurate reflection of the index. The Topix Index has 1806 constituents. We looked at how often subscribers were viewing the respective charts and the cost of including every member could not be justified. We have approximately 300 Japanese shares and would be happy to add any that you think may be especially relevant and of interest to the Collective.

?In the process of completing this task I found that there were a number of shares which were in the database and appeared in the search but were not listed in the menus. On further investigation I found this to be a legacy of the piecemeal fashion in which the constituents of subscriber Favourites was passed to us during the transition from our previous partners. I spent a number of hours over the weekend correcting the sequencing and this should be reflected in the menus tomorrow. 

In anticipation of re-releasing an upgraded version of the Performance and High/Low filters this month we will be making some changes to how the menus are ordered. This will make it easier to find instruments you may be interested in and will facilitate filtering for relative and absolute performance. With the filtering functionality our ultimate aim is to have the capacity to create customised reports. 

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