Email of the day on chartbooks and highlighting opportunities
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February 08 2021

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on chartbooks and highlighting opportunities

I am a new subscriber having followed David Fuller closely and subscribed to his weekly chart book for many years. You may cover this but I would find it really helpful if you could cover markets by region and comment on individual stocks showing attractive chart patterns in those regions...maybe each region/associated stocks to be covered once a month. For example, to my untrained eye Hong Kong is looking interesting. I miss so many opportunities in stocks that I do not follow on a regular basis by not seeing the charts in hard copy. Just a thought. Thanks


I have no wish to appear negative however, what exactly have I paid money for. It appears to me that, the majority of the menu items are either redundant (for about year now), or indeed have no content at all. Perhaps I could draw a parallel with another financial services advise provider, and the one that springs immediately to mind is Investors Chronicle. The content and level of professional presentation from them is first class. I am concerned that I have paid money for a product that is simply inadequate. I have no wish to knock the excellent uploads from Eoin, they are useful with regard the macro picture. It is really the absence of detail with everything else.

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you both for this feedback. The chartbooks were long ago superseded by the Chart Library. We have 13,000 instruments and the first port of call for many investors in the Eoin’s Favourites section. That’s where you will find assets of potential interest broken down into lists. It is then very easy to scroll through charts by clicking on the View All It is true, I have been much more focused, of late, on macro themes because that is by the far the most important consideration at present. 

Nevertheless, I accept the charge that this site is not the easiest to navigate. That is why I started doing videos, posting items on repeatable schedules and tagging items. A full list of all tags can be found here. I also created this brief video to talk about how to find different items of interest in the site. 

I will also going forward pick a market at least one day a week and highlight interesting charts within it starting tomorrow.

Finally, I think it would be remiss of me not to point out that receiving two emails asking for more opportunities to be clearly highlighted, in one weekend, reflects the wider psychology of the market. There is a palpable fear of missing out among investors. Stock markets are breaking out all over and many people feel like they missed out on the big 2020 rebound. Seeing no-name stocks rallying several hundred percent in such a short period of time only exacerbates the feeling we are missing out. The rush to buy property and lock down real assets is another iteration of that theme. It provides further confirmation that stock prices have moved a long way in a short time.

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