Email of the day on California, governance and manias
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January 12 2021

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on California, governance and manias

Happy New Year and, as always very much enjoy your nightly newsletter. That said, very sorry to hear in Governance about your experience (I assume it was yours-maybe a contributor?) w BLM door knocking and your wife's apprehension. I am also in LA, for 35 years now and, in years past, my friends from across the pond only moved back when they couldn't take earthquakes or fires. We are also thinking of a move, after hearing friends talk about arming themselves at home because of police defunding, the state's inability to stop spending and taxing, etc. A sad state of a once great state. Be well

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you for this email and I am one of the people who has recently armed himself. For me it’s the trend. Fires and earthquakes are a nuisance but don’t phase us. People are a different matter.

When we arrived in 2013 the city was quite different, at least to my eyes. Vagrancy and public indecency among the homeless have been a long running problem. However, in 2017 the City was barred from seizing and destroying the belongings of homeless people that are found on the street. 

After that, the number of homeless exploded on the West side. Google’s campus in Venice is surrounded by a large homeless encampment. They are building another one less than half a mile from my home which is due to open in the next 18 months. There is no one size fits all symptom for homelessness but the majority of people on the streets are not from California. The state has been a magnet for people trying to make it big for generations and the weather makes it so living on the street is possible.

In 2014 theft of anything less than $950 was made a misdemeanour. It has been a bonanza for thieves. Criminality has become big business and the lockdown riots were like all their Christmases came at once. On my block four cars have had their wheels stolen in the last eighteen months. There is very little the police can do. Videos are popping up everywhere of shoplifting from all kinds of stores. Here are two recent ones. (Cheviot Hills and Rodeo Drive)  The shoplifting ordinance was upheld by popular vote in the recent election so there is no end in sight to this trend.

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