Email of the day on an online version of The Chart Seminar.
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September 25 2020

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on an online version of The Chart Seminar.

I am interested to know more about The Chart Seminar. Have you any plans to conduct these virtually or online? Can you also please advise when and where the most recent seminar was held and the cost? Thank you

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you for this email. The most recent event was in October last year and coincided with David’s memorial concert at the London Philharmonic. The rate for The Chart Seminar is £1799 but subscribers are offered the discounted rate of $850. Anyone booking more than one place can also avail of the £850 rate for the second and subsequent delegates.

That rate plan is designed to encourage anyone who wants to attend to become a subscriber. It also offers a cushion for anyone who wants to help market the seminar to a wider audience.

I have been thinking about how to offer the course online. In the past I have conducted private seminars online using the GoToMeeting screen sharing app. However, that was for delegates in a single location and the course material was tailored to their specific interests.

The course was run over three days instead of two and each day contained four hours of programming material. The challenge with offering a Chart Seminar to a global audience is the difficulty of syncing up UK, USA, Middle Eastern, Asia and Australian time. I just don’t have confidence it is possible. If subscribers would let me know whether they would be interested in attending an online course I can see about working out the logistics.

As partial solution it may be easier to hold an online version of the Markets Now events David and Iain Little used to hold in London. That was a monthly couple of hour affair which was less about education and more about sifting through the relevant issues at the time.   


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