Email of the day on a suggestion to enhance the Service
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December 16 2013

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

Email of the day on a suggestion to enhance the Service

Thanks for the update and appreciate you keeping us informed.  If I have a couple of comments it would be that I really like logging in with just my name and not having to put in a password - that said the problem of not remembering me is one that I am sure you are working on

“The other function I like that needs to be encouraged in my opinion is getting subscriber comments and feedback to the different articles - hopefully this will allow us to all share the collective opinions of all the subscribers and thus add huge value for us all as a collective. What I would suggest there though is a function to let subscribers see how many comments have been added rather than having to click through to find out.  When traveling and using my iPhone this just takes more time than what's really necessary

“Thanks again for all the great work!”

Eoin Treacy's view

Thank you for this email. We are working through some niggly bugs with the “Remember me” function but we are now very close to a solution to this issue.

With regard to the Comments option at the bottom of most articles, making them available as a separate parameter within the search is a good idea and we will certainly look into implementing this. After all, we refer to our subscribers as a Collective because you represent such an enormous pool of knowledge and experience. We regard anything we can do to further our Empowerment Through Knowledge theme as worthwhile.  


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