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November 11 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

Email of the day

On subscribing since 1974 and global warming (addressed to both Eoin and me as we were both speaking at The World Money Show on Saturday)
"Thank you so much for your excellent presentations yesterday. I have read your work since 1974 and yet every day you find so many "interesting times".

" You often refer to Global Warming or Climate Change as a possible long term catastrophe. Here is a chart of temperature for the last 17 years.

"The rising CO2 has NOT caused a man made rise in temperature. In fact rising levels of CO2 are greening the earth and increasing food production.

"Scientists working on the dependence of global temperature change on the time-integral of total solar irradiance makes a startling prediction: that we are in for a drop of half a Celsius degree in the next five years.

" I hope that those who predict a sharp, near-term fall in global temperature are wrong. Cold is a far bigger killer than warmth. This could be a Black Swan event.

"I look forward to FT Money and wish you every success."

David Fuller's view Thanks for your kind words and it was a pleasure to chat with you on Saturday. The nicest thing about giving a speech is that interesting subscribers introduce themselves, and that is always a treat. There were a number of you at The World Money Show, and I look forward to seeing more subscribers during Thursday's event at the Caledonian Club in London (see below).

I also thank you for your passionate views on Climate Change, a controversial subject, to put it mildly. The 17-year graph you kindly supplied is reassuringly stable. However, I have also read for a number of years that shallow sea water is both warmer and more polluted, including in this article which I noticed today.

I am certainly interested in the debate on Global Warming or Climate Change, not least because like many of us I have always been concerned about the increasing pollution that our species irresponsibly creates. Climate Change has always been a long-term risk, but we should try not to be the cause of it.

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