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October 10 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

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On going off statins
"I thought I would update you on my experiment - going off statins. Like you, it took a little over two months, but I gradually began feeling better, and today that horrible pain and discomfort is all gone. Of course, I still have certain issues, like low back pain resulting from scoliosis, but that nasty burning in all the large muscles is a thing of the past. I can finally - after about 15 years - walk up stairs without pain in my legs. As we like to say in the States, "who woulda thunk?"

"So now I'm left to deal with cholesterol, but that will just have to be what it will be, and damn the torpedos. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I do hope you are still faring well. Many blessings,"

David Fuller's view I feel great and thanks for sharing your experience which will be of interest to some other subscribers. Having known you for decades, through occasional correspondence and possibly a Chart Seminar long ago(?) I am delighted to hear that the muscle pain has gone since you stopped taking statins. When those heavy medicines prevent us from exercising, that can shorten our lives and the muscle ache will certainly undermine our quality of life. A very healthy diet, which I actually enjoy more than when I was eating some fatty foods, might reduce LDL cholesterol and or boost your HDL.

Re scoliosis, so many back problems respond to simple, gentle exercises which we should try to do most days. If you have not seen this video, it might help. If it does, and once your spine is straighter, you can help to keep it in place by strengthening your back muscles. Try lying on your stomach for a few minutes every day and lifting your legs off the floor for a period of time, which you should soon be able to increase without discomfort. It might also help to strengthen your stomach muscles which you can do easily by lying on your back and lifting your legs several inches off the floor for a few minutes.

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