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October 01 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

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On the IPCC report
"As on any issue, there are many opinions. I think we have all been led to believe that IPCC reports are based on sound scientific evidence. As this investigative piece shows (along with research links), the IPCC is compromised and findings very suspect. Thank you"

David Fuller's view Thanks for the link to the Corbett Report, produced by James Corbett who is based in Japan. I listened to the first 15 minutes of this video and also the last 5: "The IPCC Exposed", which cited previous exaggerations and inaccuracies on the subject of climate change. That's fine and many of them have also been mentioned in Fullermoney during recent years, but unless I missed the Corbett Report's scientific evidence that the earth's climate is unaffected, despite all the CO2 in the atmosphere (my excuse is that the video is 45:41 minutes long) I did not hear it.

Everyone has a view on the complex subject of potential climate change and most of us have an emotional hope that the deniers are right. If so, there is no problem. However, if the scientists are right, and they overwhelmingly say that climate change is becoming a problem, then our civilisations face some considerable long-term risks.

Personally, I prefer to leave the evidence and projections to the scientific community. I also advocate scientific solutions, if necessary, since the sensible ones need not be worse than the actual climate change which I suspect is gradually occurring.

Meanwhile, the scientists and also the 'scientists' are accountable. The latter group includes environmental activists, Greenpeace and Al Gore. Remember him? Here is one of the better climate change denier articles: Objective Science Unmasks Global Warming Alarmists As The True Science 'Deniers', published by Forbes

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