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September 25 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

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More on Angel investing
"You published on Monday an email of the day from a subscriber interested in Angel investing. Angel investing has been part of my portfolio, with no more than 5% investable assets risked due to the high uncertainty of this type of investment in start-up companies. One needs quite a large sum to invest as each investment tends to be in the tens of thousands, plus follow-on rounds, and one needs to spread risk across say 15+ investments at least. And payouts take years during which your investment is totally illiquid. But it is certainly interesting and can be very rewarding. For investors new to the field I suggest they consider starting by joining a consortium that follows an experienced lead Angel investor who has done the due diligence, negotiated valuation and invested a significant sum of their own money. One way to do this is via crowd funding. A site such as Syndicate Room provides these benefits."

David Fuller's view My thanks to this very knowledgeable private investor for his reply, contributed in the spirit of Empowerment Through Knowledge.

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