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August 07 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

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More on statins and CoEnzyme Q10
"I just read your comments and concerns about statins. There are several medical journal articles proving that CoQ10, a readily available supplement, is depleted in the heart and muscle tissues by statin drugs and that adding it into one's diet relieves most of the side effects experienced. This is not an endorsement for statin drugs but rather the importance to the body of CoQ10. I am a graduate pharmacist, currently working as a consultant in complementary medicine.

"More information if you are interested."

David Fuller's view Many thanks for you email on a subject of considerable interest. I had a similar email from a thoughtful physician dealing with cardiovascular disease in May 2009.

I will add that I had to keep upping my CoEnzyme Q10 dosage to keep the negative effects of statins at bay but they eventually overwhelmed me. I discontinued statins last November, as you may know. I eventually had to take the non statin Ezetrol because my LDL cholesterol was rising once again, despite fish oil supplements and a very healthy diet of mostly fish, fresh vegetables and fruit.

I have been told that Ezetrol is less effective than statins but I am enjoying being fitter today than I was in 2009, not to mention the years up until I stopped taking statins. However, I know that reactions vary widely, including within my own family. My older brother is 75 and has taken statins with CoEnzyme Q10 for many years and never felt side effects such as weaker muscles. He still works out by mountain biking most days on trails in beautiful Canada.

Lastly, I am interested in your field of complementary medicine. When you discover homeopathic treatments which really do lower cholesterol, please let me know so that I can share the information with Fullermoney subscribers.

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