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July 23 2013

Commentary by David Fuller

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On EDTA Chelation Therapy
"Hi David, I have followed, with great interest the various references to statins etc. in Comment of the Day. Yesterday's email of the day regarding calcium in the blood was particularly interesting. It reminded me of my undertaking EDTA chelation therapy some 10 years ago. Chelation therapy is intended to remove heavy metals & calcium from the body on the basis that these are precursors to a range of heart problems. EDTA chelation therapy is very controversial and appears more widely practised in the US than in the UK. My own experience was initially in Hong Kong and I undertook it as a result of my own extensive reading. I would be interested to learn the views/experiences of members of the collective. As I say EDTA chelation is very controversial as are so many other "alternatives". For anyone interested in learning more a visit to Dr Elmer Cranton's site at would be a good place to start."

David Fuller's view You are one of a handful of people that I know who have tried Chelation. As I recall, they said it was time consuming and expensive but they also felt it had extended their lives. When I had heart issues, I soon stopped asking cardiologists about Chelation because they politely responded with barely disguised derision.

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