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April 30 2013

Commentary by Eoin Treacy

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on Bitcoin
“I remember reading your comments on Bitcoin some days ago and I would like
to address some points.

“Bitcoin is not a company - it's an open-source technology. (And that's why governments are afraid of it - there is no single 'throat to choke', it is distributed around millions of computers on Internet) In a nutshell, it's a digital construct based on really complex math and crypto which

1) determines available supply (more like gold than like US dollar!) and

2) a mechanism to ensure you can't spend it twice (important for digital things!) It had a huge spike this year - from ~15 to ~266, then dropped to ~60. Now it is around ~140 again, very interesting chart pattern.

“Here's one good source for charts:

“My son is an editor at (UK-originated) Bitcoin magazine and they have both a print edition and a website. Website has some good 'newbie' article, e.g. this one

Eoin Treacy's view Thank you for this informative email and the associated links. Bitcoin is certainly topical.

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